Why People Like Reading Newspapers

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Why People Like Reading Newspapers

News paper, a newspaper published for the news and informing people about some happenings. Generally news paper has a general feature to tell about a particular topic. It gives complete information of that subject such as what is the weather, crime, health, education, sports, transport, etc. on a single sheet of newspaper. It is published every day and anyone can get this news by just looking it out. News paper has different categories such as broad side, sports, leisure, business, heart, diamond and many more.

In this article, discuss about the different potential full form, acronym, abbreviated form or slang word for news paper in English-language. The full form of news paper is a weekly magazine of newspaper that has many pages. These are circulated in both places i.e. city and country. In English-language newspapers, the title of a particular news story or write-up appears front one page only.

News paper has been in print since 1490 and in its history, it has been different from print publications. Initially, it was printed only in small towns and cities. Then gradually it moved to all-digital format. Nowadays it is one of the major news source online and has immense web space to publish news online. The all-digital format of news paper has brought some remarkable changes in the way news is being published and circulated in both English-language newspapers and online.

In the English-language newspapers, comic strip was a separate publication. The newspaper published comic strips from a daily seven days club with strip selection being made by a manager or a writer. Initially, the comic strip was published together with the other news papers.

Nowadays, people are reading news in the online edition of the English-language newspaper. The online edition is a virtual replica of the print publication. It carries all the same news blurbs as print publication but is available at a fraction of the cost. Some famous English-language newspaper have moved to the online format.

One of the most interesting changes has come up in the form of cartoons. Now there are cartoon strips and celebrities appear in the news pages of both online and offline newspaper. A famous news story about Big Mom the elephant’s owner, in an Indian television show, got a lot of attention around the world. After a lot of criticism, she was finally shown to the public in the Indian television studio.