Understanding the World of News From a Global Viewpoint

Examples of news are news stories; reports of current happenings; events, which can include political, environmental and economic developments; and other human interest stories. News stories feature daily occurrences and events, which are usually not in the local news, but rather in international news. News is considered to be any news that is reported by media other than television news.

The term news is sometimes used colloquially and even publicly in a pejorative sense to denote something that is inaccurate or not correct. A perfect example is to compare the reporting of the September 11th terrorist attack with the reporting of the events surrounding the towers on that day. Both are examples of news, however one is likely to be more accurate than the other. This is because the actual events are still happening while the information is obsolete.

Today there are many online news agencies that provide quick and updated news with data and photos that could be manipulated. This has led to the emergence of fake news stories and even conspiracy theories that circulate online, particularly during times of major political controversy. The term fake news originated with the print media and has now spread into the electronic media as well.

Stories that are created for entertainment purposes are often termed entertainment news. The news, much like entertainment news, is usually geared toward a particular aspect of life that is being reported and commented about. This could be sports, pop culture, or politics. For example, news regarding the upcoming Super Bowl would focus more on sports stories than stories about politics.

Online news organizations are a good source of breaking news and viral news stories. This type of news is also very dynamic, which makes it exciting and fun to read. Some news items are simply blogs by individuals or corporations. These types of news items usually focus on a single aspect of life and they are very descriptive and offer no opinion.

If you subscribe to a print newspaper, the news section will include several different categories. These categories can range from local news to world news. Other categories of news include business news, international news, and sports news. Other types of news items include health and beauty news, and political news. The categories available in the print newspaper are endless and provide a comprehensive view of what is going on throughout the country and around the world.