Types of News Magazines

Positive News Magazine offers you the ability to stay updated without all the gloom and doom that you usually find in most mainstream news magazines and newspapers. The magazine features good quality investigative journalism regarding all the positive things in the global community. All subjects of news are covered, from politics, entertainment, sports, business, environmental concerns, and much more. This is a daily read for anyone with a genuine interest in the positive things that happen in our world each day.

Many people are unaware that a major feature of most major news magazines and newspapers is a weekly magazine known as “News and World.” News and World are published every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and is widely distributed through all major media outlets both locally and internationally. This is not to say that other special sections like sport and entertainment sections are not regularly published, but the news and world weekly magazine cover all topics that may be of interest to you. News and world are regularly published along with other specialty magazines like Consumer Reports, Consumer Trends, Entertainment Weekly, and many more.

Other specialty magazines like Consumer Digest, Rocket Dog, Money Magazine, and Health Week are also released each week and come in various sizes depending upon your desires. They are very popular among young readers, though, so if you are a teenager you will probably enjoy these more than the otherwise well-known general magazines. For adults, the Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports, and Esquire magazines remain consistently popular and are quite consistent in their delivery of news stories throughout the week. Business magazines are released quarterly, with the Business & Business Daily and Business Review being released in January and April, respectively. Sports magazines are released weekly with the Sporting News, Sportsweek, and E! Magazine being released in the fall and winter months.

There are also news magazine publications that are available online. For example, the Wall Street Journal has an online version that is accessible twenty-four hours a day. In addition, many TV stations also have online versions. For example, The Weather Channel has an online site that provides up-to-date weather reports from all over the world as well as local weather forecasts for your city. The Wall Street Journal’s web site offers features not found at the Wall Street Journal’s main website including a personal blog and message board.

While most people are familiar with the major news magazines, there are several smaller specialty magazines that provide interesting stories and information about your community or interest group. For example, the Chicago Daily News has a business section that features business news from around the country. The Los Angeles Times has a sports section that features sportscasters from around the country. And, National Geographic magazine is recognized around the world as one of the most popular and informative magazines on television.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of different news magazines that are available to the public. While the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are considered among the most trusted news publications in the country, there are many other daily newspapers that also publish news and other magazine content. In fact, the vast amount of online news content available to the public is probably larger than any of the print publications put together. With all the choices, there is no reason not to subscribe to a broad range of different kinds of news magazines in your community. Whether you need a daily newspaper or want a magazine that provides international reporting, there is a news magazine out there for you.