Periodical Magazine Publishing


Periodical Magazine Publishing

A magazine is a periodical magazine that normally is published in both glossy and matte hard cover paper. Magazines are normally published monthly on a commercial basis and contain a range of written content. They are typically financed by an investment, by an annual purchase price, through a subscription, or through a combination of both. A magazine will have a fixed number of issues and may be sold for profit or is sold on an auction basis. The price is determined by the writer, the size of the magazine and advertisers.

Hard copy magazines are normally more expensive to produce than their online versions. Some print magazines have been brought online in recent years and have become quite successful, selling with a much higher rate than their counterparts printed in hard copy. This has, however, resulted in much lower circulation numbers and in some cases, a decline in sales. Hard copy magazines also need to pay for their own production costs, which may exceed their investment, and they may also have a greater need for ad space.

Most periodicals are printed for a specific period of time. In most cases, this is for a limited time period and is designed to be a one-off issue. There is no clear distinction between a magazine that is launched as a special one-off and a magazine that are launched annually. All periodicals are printed for a specified period of time and then a fresh title is launched with a new start date.

Many established periodicals are launched annually. Some of these are launched as trade shows’ supplements to general periodicals with a theme. For example, the trade show supplement to the Financial Times’ business section is launched annually and features information on the main events that will be taking place the following year. Some periodicals are launched as free supplements to general periodicals. They feature articles, columns, reviews and other features that are of interest to the general readership and may not necessarily be of interest to the specialist readership of the periodical.

A periodical, like an academic journal, is defined by the reference page of the magazine or its index. Periodicals are peer reviewed works of academic experts who present original research and comment on current issues. The peer review helps establish the genuineness of a research paper and its accuracy. The magazines that are launched as periodicals are reviewed by eminent persons and carry their weightage when it comes to reliability.

For many years, periodicals have been considered the only magazines available for academics. However, with the launch of online periodicals, there is now much discussion about the value of university publications. Online periodicals carry much weight in the scholarly community as well as in the academic community generally. The value assigned to periodicals by the editors of periodical publications varies widely.