Pakistani Television Stays In Touch With International Media Through Their Own News Magazines

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Pakistani Television Stays In Touch With International Media Through Their Own News Magazines

A news magazine is a periodical publication that presents information on current affairs, sports, politics, health and lifestyle. News Magazines has various categories including entertainment, business, gardening, women’s affairs, children’s issues, sport and education. News magazines can be printed on paper, digital publications or both. Some of the world’s biggest news and political publications are published under this category.

There are numerous television news magazines available on television. These include popular television news programs like CNN, CNBC, Fox News, CNN en Espanol, and others. Most of these television news magazines provide limited information. Many people prefer to watch television news during breaks. They do not like to miss any breaking news stories or celebrity news.

News Magazines are published weekly. In the United States, most of them are published weekly. The United Kingdom has a national daily newspaper, the Financial Times, and several weekly magazines, such as the Guardian, Mail on Sunday, and the Financial Times. In Australia, the Financial Daily, Punch, and the Herald Sun are published every day. In Canada, there are The Toronto Star and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (TSC). In Japan, the Japanese Newspaper Weekly and the Asatsu Network are published.

In China, the People’s Daily and Chinese Television News are published. In India, the Indian Express and The Hindu are published every week. In Indonesia, news magazines are published by the Bornean Post Office. In Pakistan, the Urdu daily, Dawn, and Urdu T magazine is circulated. In Bangladesh, the main medium of circulating news is television news.

The printed news magazines are available both in large size and small size versions. They are easily available at all supermarkets and bookstores. Some news magazine shows can also be seen on the television. For example, CNN has various television news magazine shows, such as the Fortune Masters, Business, CNN Tonight, and AC 360.

In other countries, television news magazine shows are also broadcasted. The countries include Japan, which has BSTV, the South Korean Broadcasting System, and the Arabic satellite channel, Al Jazeera. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has several world news magazine shows. The Chinese government has its own news magazine, CCTV News, and the India newspaper, The Indian Today has a news magazine.

Pakistanis have their own popular television channel for various national and international news magazine shows. The most watched and subscribed to TV show is CCTV’s Sunday evening news magazine. Other than that, Pakistanis also have their own popular soap opera, IHTV (IT TV), and news magazine All IET TV. IHTV is dedicated to entertainment and has been telecasted in Pakistan and India.

The famous British weekly news magazine, The Guardian, is famous not only for its wide range of articles but also its up-to-the-minute reporting. The show, anchored by reporter Paul Wells has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. I read a feature in the Indian newspaper, The Economic Times, where the author Shashank Manohar was quoted saying; “The only thing the Indian media fears more than being… is the thought of IS being called ‘Hindutva’.

The other two major news magazines that are widely read in Pakistan and India are IHTV and CNN iNewsi. IHTV or Indian Home TV is predominantly targeted at the Indian subcontinent, whereas CNN iNewsi is available in both Arabic and English. Both of them are watched by millions of viewers each week. If you take a look at the daily schedules of both channels, you will note that CNN iNewsi is aired late in the evening while IHTV is mostly watched at night. Given this huge popularity, it is not surprising that both these news channels are being screened in multiplexes across the country.