News Magazines

For people in Australia, a news magazine is one of the most important publications available. It can be bought at newsstands and groceries. The main feature of a news magazine is the breaking news stories. However, in today’s world, almost all news magazines are multimedia in nature.

A news magazine can contain a variety of features on politics, business, sport, health, education, crime, entertainment, and more. There are a number of popular magazines in Australia such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Chaser), the Australian Financial Review, the Herald Sun, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Daily Telegraph, and the Financial Leader. Other major news magazines in Australia include the Weekend Australian, the Courier Mail, the Herald Sun, the Age, the Daily Mail, and the New York Times. Many of these same publications also publish International newspapers. In addition, some magazines offer web content as well.

A feature story or feature article appears regularly in most magazines. Many feature stories appear in the Saturday edition of the newspaper or magazine. There are many news mags that are available in libraries or purchased online. Most news magazines provide free online content on a regular basis, although the type of content may vary.

A feature article usually describes a local event, place, or figure. It may be written as a review or an opinion essay. A recent feature story in the New York Times Magazine mentioned the difficulty of getting information from the Philippines about the New York earthquake and tsunami. It was written as an article but included photos and information about the disaster. In this case, the feature magazine for newspapers was used to provide a link to the story at the end of the article.

A feature story on the New York Times Magazine may describe an important scientific finding or development. It may include news about some type of political drama that is playing out in some country or region. The New York Times featured a piece about President Bush’s plan to increase the space shuttle program. This plan is one of the more futuristic ways to take a long flight into space. Other magazine stories on this subject include coverage of the European Space Agency’s plans to send an unmanned probe to Mars.

A feature article appears at the end of the magazine or newspaper story, which often contains at least part of a longer piece by another author. It is written as a brief overview of the story and will include at least part information about what the feature article says. One advantage to having a feature article appearing in a news magazine is that the writer will get credit for the feature. Many feature articles that appear in a newspaper or magazine do not receive credit from the writer.