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A newspaper printed in a newspaper that contains news relating to the day-to-day activities of an administrative or other managerial division of an institution or the government, as well as other non-news matters. These newspapers are widely read by people across the world, particularly in the English speaking countries and regions. News papers are also categorized according to various aspects such as current affairs, serious reading, entertainment or business as decided by the readers. newspaper are generally published by private news publishers and are circulated via the mail system.

The Indian English newspaper, the Hindustan Times is the first ever English newspaper published on the Net. This newspaper is available in different versions such as the free version or the edition which has a nominal charge. Advance copies of this newspaper are generally available with the online news services. There are several new features which this newspaper has added to its online platform. For instance, the online edition of the Indian English daily is accompanied with numerous feature stories, which give more information to the readers. There are many prominent news and celebrity columns provided in the online platform of this English newspaper.

Several prominent English newspapers are planning to launch a number of websites for the coming year. Among these the prominent ones are the Indian Express, Financial Times and Business Times. The websites include news, feature stories, weather reports, finance and market updates. All the features of an Indian Express are featured in the free e-newspaper. Similarly, the Financial Times will be launching a free blog on the Internet, which will be hosted from the Indian Express website.

Several prominent newspapers of various parts of Asia are planning to launch a number of online publications published in different languages. The Indian English daily will be launching a number of online publications in English. The Economic Times of India and the International Herald Tribune are also planning to launch a number of e-newspapers. The International Herald Tribune is a widely read online publication. The Economic Times of India and the Financial Times are popular among people across the world.

Another notable newspaper which is planning to launch a number of e-newspaper is the Wall Street Journal. The Journal does not have a news section. But it is one of the leading business newspapers in the world. It will be a great opportunity for the investors to interact with the experts of the Indian market.

Many prominent English newspapers are planning to bring out a comic strip related issues in their online publications. There are a wide variety of topics which are being lined up for the comic strip section in these newspapers. In addition to comic strips many leading news and entertainment magazines are planning to bring out comic strip issues. So, there is lot of scope for comic strip in newspapers all over India.